Buying (cheap) art online

I love the way high-quality printing and the proliferation of ecommerce have combined to let us buy art cheaply and easily online. Whether you’re buying directly from an artist on Etsy or using a mediator like Society6, the range of art available to us is unprecedented and the quality is generally really high. With these sites, artists have an easy way to make their work available for sale and we get access to beautiful, inspiring and affordable art. Remember the low-res Picasso reproductions you grew up with? Can you imagine hanging them on your walls now?

I’ve included links to some of my most coveted pieces below. But first, like a true lifestyle blogger, I have some tips:

DO think about framing your art. It always looks better.

DO learn about the artist. Their websites may have links to limited edition projects (if you have a bit more to spend and want to support them) and it’s a great way to find out the story behind your purchase.

DO check your monitor’s settings. Adjust it to the maximum colour setting to get a better idea of what your art will look like.

DON’T choose art to match your sofa. You might be paying less for it than for an original oil painting, but you still buy works that really speak to you.

The cover image is Stack III by Georgiana Paraschiv.


Flower Buds by Eggagogo

fantailFantail and Hydrangeas by Holly Roach


Iris Flower Bouquet by Komarovart


Roses by Tazzy


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