Christmas present roundup

The Internet, or at least, the part I inhabit, has been awash with suggestions for a Christmas presents. Some are great (I always love the gift guides over at Cupcakes and Cashmere for their range of prices and mix of bought and homemade) but some seem a little out of touch ($100 socks?! Maybe next year). So, as a bit of a counterpoint to the excess and product placement, here are some of the things I’ve actually bought for my loved ones.


A quilt for my uncles. I only seem to manage one quilt a year, and this year’s recipients are my awesome uncles Graeme and Mark. The fabric is mostly vintage silk, so it’s soft and cuddly!


Earrings for Mum. I know these Kate Sylvester earrings will appeal to Mum’s green thumb and simple style (plus buying something for someone else slightly assuaged my guilt at splashing out on this!). Aren’t they cute?


A photo book for Dad. Dad’s greatest complaint of the modern age is that we don’t print as many photos as we once did, so I’ve put together a photo book of my recent trip across Canada and the US just for him. I used Snapfish and they did a great job!


Other presents included tickets for M, speech bubble earrings for my best friend who always has something to say, and food hampers for everyone else (with homemade gingerbread Santas and lemon ginger cordial and chocolate from my local).

Meet Christmas!


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