Wearing: NYE

Whoa, Nelly. An outfit post. Not sure how I feel about this but let’s go with it! If you didn’t believe the last post about my obsession with the High Street, then here’s some evidence! Zara doesn’t even ship to New Zealand, how do I own so much of it?! I’m looking forward to watching my wardrobe evolve through my year of buying handmade.

New Years Eve was pretty mellow for us, I’d just arrived back in Wellington, it was raining and windy, and we really wanted to hang out! Cue a delicious dinner at our favourite little restaurant followed by TV at home (we both realised we’d dozed off when the fireworks woke us at midnight!).

New Zealand sees the new year pretty early, so I hope you have / had a wonderful end of the year!


Zara dress, no longer available online but how cute is this one?

Much beloved old ankle boots.

A cheap piece of fabric worn as a scarf.

Witchery purse a bit like this one.

And because the weather was truly, truly awful, my Uniqlo Ultra Light down coat.


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