My three favourite Etsy alternatives

My first awesome discovery, after deciding to spend this year shopping off the high street, was the huge number of alternatives to handmade behemoth Etsy. What I like is that, along with offering other hosting options for sellers, these sites often bring their own personality and curation to make the shopping experience a bit different too. Here are my absolute favourites so far – if you know of any other great sites for handmade products, please let me know! *Disclaimer, I still really love Etsy!* is a New Zealand-based Etsy alternative which offers a similar range of products, but on a much smaller scale and without some of the rubbish that has made its way into Etsy. It’s great it you love kiwi style (we’re a pretty cool bunch) or want to browse hand-made items without having to wade through the dross.

Dawanda is essentially European Etsy, with the same mix of handmade and vintage, but without quite as much to wade through. Although there’s a lot of repetition from Etsy, you’ll also find some shops with a great European sensibility and this comes through in their product curation as well. I particularly love these lists:

And these shops:

Store Envy specialises in hosting indie brands – it’s handmade (or small scale) with a hipster bent (I mean, really, could this get any more hipster?). If you’re after cute t-shirts, bold jewellery and quirky prints, this is the place for you. Here are a few of my favourite shops:


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