Dairy free

I think a lot of people will agree that we’re too quick to jump onto foid bandwagons and fads – and happily convince ourselves that we’ve set results. I’ve always believed that all things are ok in moderation, until three medical profession tells me otherwise. So, it was with a healthy dose of skepticism that I decided to try eliminating foods from my diet. I’ve had an autoimmune disorder for about a decade and when my GP asked if I’d considered dietary triggers, I guess I was just happy to think there might be something I could do to improve things.

I decided to eliminate a few common triggers, one a time, for one month stretches. January’s target was dairy. Has eliminating dairy helped my condition? Not in the slightest! But I do feel healthier and happier on a number of fronts.

– I have ditched my five-cup-a-day tea habit (well, swapped it for herbal tea – I’d drunk the staffroom out of herbal tea by the third week …). I feel more
relaxed and less sluggish starting the day off without milky tea.

– It’s made a lot of my go to meals and snacks subtly lighter – poached eggs on toast with lemon juice instead of hollandaise, crackers with hummus instead of cheese, and tortillas without cheese. They all taste just as good.

– I snacked so much less because snacks were so much harder to find!

I’m not going to completely eliminate dairy from my life – sharing a piece of cheese (or cake for that matter) is one of life’s greatest pleasures. But eating less of it has made me feel happier and more in control of my diet. February’s target for elimination is wheat, which will be much more of an adjustment, but I’m looking forward to the challenge (after I sneak in a few cookies on the weekend!).

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