Weekend wishlist

I’m writing this lying in bed at 9pm with every door and window in the house open. I can hear some neighbours having a barbeque and smell someone’s weed wafting in my window. A kaka just flew past. It really is a blissful summer we’re having down here in the South Pacific. It’s hard to compile a list that involves any more than the word “enjoying”. However, this girl likes to plan, even when wilted from the sun and secondhand cannabinoids. So, here’s my weekend in list form:

–  Go to market for cheap, beautiful produce.
– Start reading The Disestablishment of Paradise by Phillip Mann. I’ve never read anything by Mann but he comes highly recommended and there’s something in the premise of dealing with the aftermath of a failed utopia that has caught my imagination.
– Baking chocolate chip cookies with M’s wonderful, amazing and talented little brother. It will probably the classic Martha Stewart recipe I’ve made a dozen times, because they’re reliably chewy and moreish, although always with less vanilla extract.
– Rereading the Fringe Festival
programme (and probably making another list! Haha!).
– Bobbing about in the sea with my darling friend Becca. We are quite excellent bobbers.


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