Buy yourself a little something nice

One thing you learn, when you leave your boyfriend two weeks before Valentines Day, is that two weeks before Valentines Day is about when everyone starts trying to sell you romantic gifts (or, the desire to receive them, I guess). The newspaper, every lifestyle blog ever, your Mum … they’re all in on it. So, if the Valentines fairy isn’t going to visit you, or even if she is, why don’t you take a stand against all this social romance, and buy yourself something that will make you feel great.

Something beautiful …


Lingerie sets from Nahina; Ohhhhlulu and DWDanielleWood.

Something cuddly …


This peek-a-boo cat cushion; this creature that looks like a cross between a whale and Eeyore; and this cute little guy.

Something shiny…


A cherrywood and brass pendant; this Frida Kahlo necklace; or this super cute brooch.


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