Great podcasts to listen to

Podcasting seems to be resurgent, buoyed by the huge success of Serial. My podcast listening is sporadic, with bursts of enthusiasm interspersed with long periods where I forget completely about the medium and listen to Taylor Swift on loop instead (or, more often, periods during which I can’t find my headphones).

But, with my headphones in hand and lots of work to crank through, these are the podcasts I’ve really enjoyed in the last few weeks.

Slate Money podcasts are some of my favourites – if you’re even a little bit of an economics geek, you’ll enjoy them.

OK, I’m a bit of a Slate addict … but I really think you’ll like The Gist as well.

Song, by Toad, is the only music podcast I listen to with any consistency. Song by Toad is a small record label from Scotland, but you’ll here a mix of indie music from their label and elsewhere. There used to be a wonderfully drunken and ranty podcast with a mix of music and talk. This seems to have fallen by the wayside but the exceptionally great taste and selection of new music remains.

And, when I want to hear a kiwi accent, I love Radio New Zealand’s Great Encounters interview series, like this one.


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