Go: New York in Autumn

2014-11-08 13.53.50 IMG_20141106_105540 IMG_20141106_100844 IMG_20141104_151051 IMG_20141104_124736 2014-11-04 12.42.02 2014-11-04 12.17.42 IMG_20141104_113615 2014-11-03 15.48.29 2014-11-03 15.10.50 2014-11-03 12.10.42 2014-11-03 12.00.15 2014-11-02 17.21.27 IMG_20141102_113847 IMG_20141109_181005

Time to finally post some pics from New York last November. I don’t know if its the Autumn leaves outside my window or my heart itching to travel again, but I’ve been thinking about the big city. I don’t have travel tips or any wise words for you. It was just so dreamy to be in that magical, wonderful, mysterious and charming city. I can’t wait to go back …

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