Inspiration: My favourite pinners right now

I love Pinterest as much as the next person, but the combination of featured pins and the weird ideologies floating around on there sometimes gets me down.

I’ve recently rehashed my following list to try to cut out some of the surplus content and here are some of my favourites. Better pinning everyone!

Sandra Schmid is a New Zealand-based jeweler (I came across her boards after seeing her recent exhibition and having a bit of a Google …). She has a really beautiful eye for art, form and design, and her pins reflect that.


Heidi Swanson (of 101 Cookbooks fame) has serious Pinterest game. Go for the recipes, stay for the mix of cute homewares and whimisical images.


I don’t really know anything about Aurelie Sentenac, other than she has really great taste and a voracious appetite for colourful things.


I wrote about how much I love Japanese textile artist Yumiko Higuchi a few weeks ago. Naturally, her pins are as thoughtful and beautifully put together as her work.


Geneva Vanderzeil (from the travel / craft / DIY / fashion blog A Pair and a Spare) . Plus, bonus points for colour coordinating her board cover images to make them all pink.genevra


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