Wishlist: 29 May 2015

It’s a long weekend for Queen’s birthday (except it’s not her birthday?) so I’m looking forward to relaxing, making things and spending a little extra time in bed. I’ll be …

  • Reading Of Things Gone Astray by Janina Matthewson. It’s the slightly fantastical story of a group of people who each loses something important to them. I started it this morning and it’s thoroughly delightful so far
  • Fabric shopping (YAY) and making … things … I’m not sure quite what yet, but definitely these slippers, and probably something like this hot water bottle cover (spot a theme?)
  • Washi-taping my little heart out
  • Eating here (new weekend = new cafe) and probably drinking waaaaaaaay too much coffee anywhere I can find it …
  • Cooking more of this cauliflower fried rice, I made it this week and it was completely moreish!

One thought on “Wishlist: 29 May 2015

  1. What a nice wishlist. I will definitely give the recipe a try. I love the pictures from your Goodbye Autumn post. It is crazy because where I live, summer is just around the corner. Have a nice day!


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