Handmade roundup

Aaaaaaages ago, when I swore off shopping on the High Street, I thought I’d be filling the blog with images of all awesome new things I was buying from independent makers. Life (particularly moving into my own place) kind of put a spanner in that plan, with lots of other things using up my money (if you can point me in the direction of a handmade vacuum cleaner …).
Such is life. On the upside, I’ve had the time + creative energy to make lots of things lately. Here are a few recent projects + acquisitions…

Soaps I picked up in Melbourne. No idea of the maker sorry …


Beeswax candles (from Commonsense in Wellington).


This print by Pinky Fang.


Some crocheted flowers to fill a gap in the gallery wall (made by me).


This rug to stop the draft (but mostly used as Kiri’s favourite thing to hide under, made by me).


Everyone needs a strawberry hot water bottle cover (I got the idea here).


This zipper purse for my cousin’s birthday (pattern here).



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