Music: a Poptastic Playlist

I have, to put it nicely, morose taste in music. Country music (but not the happy stuff), blues, grunge, indie singer songwriters (but only the depressed ones) … You get the picture. So it’s been a refreshing to find myself listening to some pop lately. What can I say? Maybe I’m turning over a new leaf.

You can find my favourites on this Spotify playlist or in the videos below. Be warned though, the music might be upbeat, but some of the lyrics are still pretty sharp! Baby steps.

M.I.A – Y.A.L.A.
I’m such a fan of M.I.A. Her music is always so smart and so surprising, and this track always makes me smile.

Glass Animals – Gooey
Or, anything by these guys. So freaking good.

Little Dragon – Forever
So delightfully gooey and romantic.

St Vincent – I Prefer Your Love to Jesus

Yumi Zouma – Sålka Gets Her Hopes Up
A delightful, 80s-infused pop track (+ the vocalist went to my highschool so there’s that).

Bic Runga – Tiny Little Piece of my Heart
Bic was the soundtrack of my childhood (if you grew up in New Zealand in the 90s, you know all the lyrics to Sway). I saw her on the street once, wearing a floor length coat; she seemed so sophisticated … Shout out to Lani Says for reminding me of this track yesterday.


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