The crazy cat lady’s guide to Etsy

It’s no great secret around here that I love my cat … Or that I’m rather quickly morphing into a crazy cat lady. So be it. Kiri’s only lived with me for two months, and I can’t believe how much I love her! Best. Decision. Ever.

Now, I know I’m not alone in my enthusiasm, because there are some seriously cute things to buy for your cat (or to express your love for him / her). Seriously, you know you want these as much as I do.

Adorable handmade collars from MonicaAnnPets.Etsy cats2Catnip fortune cookie toys from K. Grant Designs.

etsy cats3Adorable cat embroidery pattern, to let your furry companion know how much you care …

etsy cats4There are some really amazing cat houses out there … I love this simple cardboard one.

etsy cats5And, getting in early for Christmas, these tree ornaments are AMAZING.

Etsy cats


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