After a very early start and an unexpected detour to Invercargill, Bex and I had an amazing time in Queenstown recently. In the past, I’ve been quite put off by the commercialism of the place, but we embraced it this time around and had a shamelessly decadent and wonderful time.

Highlights …

– Going into the casino with $10 and coming out with $50 …

– Great food, especially at Rata and from all and every purveyor of Southland cheese rolls I could find.

– Paragliding for the first time (not scary, just spectacularly).

– Road tripping the length of Southland after our plane was diverted. Bex and I could be stuck in a sinking submarine and somehow still have a great time.

Qtown qtown2

IMG_20150626_130126 IMG_20150626_184131 IMG_20150627_103137 IMG_20150627_111638

11231210_10155774010925440_4750582577930599_n IMG_20150627_145044 IMG_20150627_182632 IMG_20150628_102421 IMG_20150628_132108 IMG_20150628_142152


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