Winter reads

Forget the out-of-season produce or tropical holiday snaps, there’s nothing as displacing as the flurry of summer reading lists that emerge in the blogosphere when we’re in the midst of a Southern Hemisphere winter.  In summer, I want adventures and escapism, but in winter I want something longer, denser and (probably) more melancholic. I want to … More Winter reads

READ: Longform

One of the things that stopped me blogging for a long time, was that I really admired the movement promoting long form writing online but didn’t feel that I had the time or temperament to contribute to it. The truth is, I enjoy writing short, top-of-mind posts, or just sharing a pile of images. As … More READ: Longform

READ: All of Roald Dahl’s books for children

It started with a nostalgic decision to read one book (Matilda), but soon there was another, and another, and I found that I couldn’t stop. Roald Dahl’s writing transcends childhood and history to be as charming, witty and wise as it ever was (and admittedly a still quite prejudiced). From the ludicrously sweet Esio Trot, … More READ: All of Roald Dahl’s books for children

Love: Pinky Fang

This post is a little late to the party, but I wanted to rave about Fang Solo, Pinky Fang’s really great solo exhibit, anyway (it closed on Sunday).  Pinky’s work bubbles over with creativity and exuberance. There were hacked singing fish, smoking flowers and some seriously disturbing lingerie … I’ve been a fan for a while, so it was so … More Love: Pinky Fang


Anzac day passed a few weeks ago, with a particular virulence that I haven’t seen before. I’m still thinking about what it all means, and whether I’ll be able to wrap up and understand my feelings on the day.