READ: All of Roald Dahl’s books for children

It started with a nostalgic decision to read one book (Matilda), but soon there was another, and another, and I found that I couldn’t stop. Roald Dahl’s writing transcends childhood and history to be as charming, witty and wise as it ever was (and admittedly a still quite prejudiced). From the ludicrously sweet Esio Trot, … More READ: All of Roald Dahl’s books for children

Handmade roundup

Aaaaaaages ago, when I swore off shopping on the High Street, I thought I’d be filling the blog with images of all awesome new things I was buying from independent makers. Life (particularly moving into my own place) kind of put a spanner in that plan, with lots of other things using up my money … More Handmade roundup

Wishlist: 29 May 2015

It’s a long weekend for Queen’s birthday (except it’s not her birthday?) so I’m looking forward to relaxing, making things and spending a little extra time in bed. I’ll be … Reading Of Things Gone Astray by Janina Matthewson. It’s the slightly fantastical story of a group of people who each loses something important to … More Wishlist: 29 May 2015